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ABX No Headroom Yoshitoshi 2013
Starjackers Flashback HotFridge 2012
Static Shock More Bounce EP Deepblue UK 2012
West End Hustlers Ft Larisa All I Need HotFridge 2012
Static Shock and Credit To The Nation VIP TBA 2012
Bass Oddity Wait So Long TBA 2012
Starjackers Something's Happening Southern Fried 2011
Dan McKie and ABX Mr. Dance Man HotFridge 2011
ABX Thank U HotFridge 2011
Static Shock Rude Shock TBA 2011
ABX and Samson Lewis Ft Miss Autumn Leaves Said And Done Deepblue 2010
DMAB Beluga Deepblue 2010
DMAB Let U Down White Label 2010
Eat Disko Eat Disko / Kik Ass HotFridge 2010
West End Hustler Without A Face / West End Hustle HotFridge 2010
West End Hustler Growler / Summer Of 95 HotFridge 2010
Dan McKie and ABX Jazz Queen HotFridge 2010
Starjackers Ft Nadia K New Season Breakloose 2009
Starjackers Ft Wilson Roberts Givin All My Love Breakloose 2008
Solarstone The Calling 2007 Lost Language 2007
Solarstone and Jes Like A Waterfall BlackHole 2006
Skyscraper The Hymn 2006 Deepblue 2006
Young Parisians ft. Ben Lost Jump The Next Train DeepBlue 2005
Young Parisians Obsession TokyoRecordings 2005
Scott Bond and Solarstone Red Line Highway Made In England 2004
Solarstone Vs Sirocco Release / Destination DeepBlue 2003
Solar Stone Solarcoaster (Remix) Lost Language 2003
Brothers Bud vs Z2 Herbgrinder Fingerlickin 2003
Sunshine State 3rd Summer Of Love White Label 2003
Scott Bond vs Solarstone 3rd Earth ID&T 2003
Solarstone and Scott Bond Naked Angel ID&T 2003
Top Secret vs Marvin Gaye The Love U Give 2 Me White 2003
Funk Injection U and Me White 2003
Liquid State ft.Marcella Woods Falling Perfecto 2002
Solarstone and Elizabeth Fields Speak In Sympathy DeepBlue 2002
Z2 vs Dom Farrington Herbgrinder E.P DeepBlue 2002
Z2 I Want U Platipus 2002
Solar Stone Solarcoaster / Greenlight Lost Language 2002
Solar Stone Seven Cities Lost Language 2002
Young Parisians U Write The Rules DeepBlue 2002
Francois De Cruz Cruz Control Eminence 2002
Z2 Black Finished Chrome Hooj 2001
Z2 I Want You Platipus 2000
Solar Stone Seven Cities Hooj Choons 1999
Sebatu Prayer FourD 1999
Z2 I Want You DeepBlue UK 1999
Skyscraper The Hymn FourD 1999
Skyscraper Jabberwock DeepBlue UK 1999
V8 Temptation DeepBlue UK 1999
Zodiac Touch The Sky 24Seven 1999
Solar Stone ft. Kym Marsh Day By Day Hooj Choons 1998
Solar Stone The Calling Hooj Choons 1997
Bass Oddity Bass Oddity White Label 1997
Space Kittens Storm Hooj Choons 1996
Space Kittens Aquanaut EP Sunflower 1995



Wideboys In The VIP Big Life 2012 StaticShock
DustyFruit I Know It's Been A Minute HotFridge 2011 Dan McKie and ABX
Filp Le Frick It's That Disco HotFridge 2011 Dan McKie and ABX
Discoscience Feel The Groove HotFridge 2011 Dan McKie and ABX
Britney Spears 3 Universal 2011 Static Shock
Rihanna Rude Boy Warner 2011 Static Shock
Calvin Harris Ft Kelis Bounce Sony 2011 Static Shock
Sosua and Mad Super constellation HedKandi 2010 DMAB
Hostage Dub My Disco HedKandi 2010 DMAB
FKN Unreal To Me Deepblue 2009 Corderoy and Bury
Ruud Mover Ft Miss Amberlie Love Shock Breakloose 2009 Starjackers
Beyonce and Lady Gaga Videophone Interscope 2009 ABX and Dan McKie
Chris Brown Poppin' (Remix) Jive 2007 Uncredited
Muse Supermassive Black Hole Warner 2006 Bud & Stone
Filo and Peri Present Whirlpool Under The Sun DeepBlue 2004 Solarstone
Sarah McLachlan Worlds On Fire Nettwerk 2004 Solarstone
Young Parisians U Write The Rules DeepBlue 2003 Solarstone
Conjure One Center Of The Sun Nettwerk 2003 Solarstone
Libra presents Taylor Calling Your Name Platipus 2002 Solarstone
Junk Project Composure Liquid Asset 2002 Solarstone
Jan Johnston Silent Words Perfecto 2002 Solarstone
Oakenfold Southern Sun Perfecto 2002 Solarstone
Conjure One Sleep Nettwerk 2002 Solarstone
Sounds From The Ground Lean On Me Nettwerk 2002 Solarstone
Mona Lisa Overdrive Born To Synthesize Platipus 2002 Solarstone
Chris Bangs ft. Rita Campbell Warm Weather INCtraxx 2001 Solarstone
Matt Darey presents Mash Up Fly Like An Angel Incentive 2001 Solarstone
Matt Darey presents DSP From Russia With Love Liquid Asset 2000 Solarstone
Space Manoeuvres Stage One Hooj 2000 Solarstone
Dominion Eleven Hours Whoop 2000 Solarstone
Cygnus-X The Orange Theme Hooj 2000 Solarstone
Raff & Freddy Deep Progress AvantGarde 2000 Z2 Remix
Conductor & The Cowboy Feel This Way Serious 2000 Solarstone
Planet Perfecto Bullet In The Gun 2000 Perfecto 2000 Solarstone
Moonman Galaxia Heat 2000 Solarstone
Illuminatus Hope Avant Garde 1999 Z2 Remix
Ecano Run Avant Garde 1999 Z2 Remix
Energy52 Café Del Mar Hooj Choons 1997 Solarstone
Sapphire Never Be Lonely Again WEA 1997 Solarstone
Chakra Home WEA 1997 Solarstone
Koolworld Invader Koolworld 1997 Solarstone
Urban Cookie Collective Shame Pulse-8 1997 Solarstone
Friends Of Matthew Out There Ministry / DMC 1997 Solarstone
Johann New Kicks Perfecto Fluoro 1996 Space Kittens
Lisa Moorish Mr.Friday Night Go! Discs 1996 Space Kittens
Human League Stay With Me Tonight WEA 1996 Space Kittens
Jimmy Somerville By Your Side London 1995 Space Kittens
Minds of Men Brand New Day Perfecto 1995 Space Kittens
Liquid Closer XL 1995 Space Kittens



HotSessions 01
Mixed By Dan McKie and ABX
HotFridge Mixer/Producer 2012
InHouse Sessions Vol.02 HotFridge Mixer/Producer 2012
InHouse Session Vol.01 HotFridge Mixer/Producer 2011
Blueprints : The Chilled Edition Deepblue Mixer/Producer 2010
Blueprints Deepblue Producer 2009
Solarstone : Destinations Solaris/DeepBlue Mixer/Producer 2006
Solarstone : AnthologyOne Solaris/DeepBlue Artist album 2006
Lost Language : Exhibition Lost Language Mixer/Producer 2003
Chlled Out Euphoria Telstar Mixer/Producer 2001


Andy Bury - Video Promo

Rude Mover Ft Miss Amberlie
Love Shock
Starjackers Remix

Produced by : Andy Bury / Dom Bud
Check out the video at YouTube.com

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