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Since his early teenage beginnings in the shady world of pirate radio tower blocks to playing in front of crowds of 90,000 people at the Zurich Street Parade, dance music and DJing has always been a major part of his life.

From playing low-key intimate gigs for a select few to full on festivals in the Australian outback and enchanted gatherings on the side of volcanos, Andy has DJ'd in almost every corner of the globe, playing for the likes of well known 'superclubs' such as Gatecrasher, Gods Kitchen and Ministry of Sound as well as prestigious residencies for various uber-cool clubs such as Playground and Fish Don't Dance in his native city London. Together with guesting and hosting popular syndicated radio shows it's fair to say Andy has 'been there, done that' and is a DJ who continues to gain respect from a wide audience.

Best known nowadays for playing a funk driven fusion of 'big room house music' with 'dirty and chunky electronic grooves', Andy remains musically open minded with eclectic tastes and never afraid to mix and blend styles together. "I'm not here to educate and I don't want to play just to entertain myself... Anyone can do that at home. For me DJ'ing was always about feeling the music and sharing that energy with a crowd ...and if I jump about like a lunatic now or again or chant like I'm at a football game it's all just part of my passion for playing good music. If I'm not enjoying it why should anyone else?".

Still using the more traditional 2x CDJs setup, asked what he thought about new DJ technology such as Ableton and Traktor - "As long as it doesn't remove the human element I'm all for it. How it's played and on what format doesn't really bother me - it's all about what comes out the speakers... but I'm not so sure about some of the laptop DJs who just seem to sit there as if they're reading emails in a coffee shop!"

"When styles fuse together that's when things become exciting in dance music - When I started going to clubs, genres weren't really that important and it wasn't unusual to hear what you might call 'U.S house' mixed into a 'trance' tune - I think it was when the BPMs started going up certain styles became very detached and it's nice to see some dance music going full circle in terms of tempo again where the blending of genres can be accessible for a DJ set. Also I find reading and working the crowd has become an important element again... there was a time a few years ago when you could literally play a kick drum for 3 minutes and the punters would still be 'avin it. Other substances probably had something to do with that but as the music and people change you have to evolve with them."


Andy ABX - DJ Chart

(in alphabetical order)
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01. ABX
Can U Feel It
(Mr. Fingers Tribute Remake)
White Label
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02. A-Trak and Oliver
Zamboni (Original Mix)
Fool's Gold Records
03. Brad Hed
The Girls & Boys
(Crazibiza Club Mix)
Z Records
04. Babysitters
Hidden Face (Original Mix)
TeddyBear Records
05. Block & Crown, Deep Fish
Jackin Radio (Dub Mix)
InStereo Recordings
06. David Penn
A Different Story
(Simon Doty Remix)
Toolroom Records
07. DJ Sneak
1 For Da Clowns (Original Mix)
I'm a House Gangster
Breathe (Original)
Mutants Electro House
09. Ilan Bluestone
Spheres (Original Mix)
10. Katta
Ultra Flava (The Cube Guys Mix)
Cube Recordings House
11. Nicolaz
Cadez (Dj Licious ft. Dirty J Remix)
Essentials Records
12. ABX
No Headroom (Fast Foot Remix)
Dirt Jugglerz


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